Wui Leng: Our Forefathers Legacy of 90 Years, Yours to Perpetuate!

Snapshot with the Shun Jin's student while visiting the exhibition.

Snapshot with the Shun Jin’s student while visiting the exhibition.

“Wui Leng: Our Forefathers Legacy of 90 Years, Yours to Perpetuate!” is the museum-like exhibition conceived and realized in collaboration with Lostgens art space at Jalan Panggong, Kuala Lumpur.
The ancestry of Wui Leng Association of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor can be traced from Sihui county from Guangdong region of People’s Republic of China to Pulau Penang of Peninsular Malaysia, spreading to Sabah and Sarawak of Borneo.
Some of the artifacts that are currently in display includes the intricately carved 120 years old shisha brought from China, the evolution of Wui Leng’s rubber stamps of authority, descriptions of the “model role of a society”, and love letters from China during the time where internet do not exist. But the most important of all, the pictures of two Buddha and one Taoist deity statues [ not being physically displayed yet ] that are brought to Malaysia by the ancestors to give rise in hope and perseverance during the harsh and roaring 1920s. The exhibition also consist some of the many archived manuscripts dating late 1940s. This “museum” exhibition will continue to flourish annually, as there are a lot relics and artifacts that had yet be displayed.
This special exhibition is part of Wui Leng Association’s mission objectives of imparting valuable and meaningful cultural understanding, charitable activities, as well as educational programs. Through Lostgens’s ingenuity of artspace creativity and design, “Wui Leng: Our Forefathers Legacy of 90 Years, Yours to Perpetuate!” would help cultivate the older as well as the younger generations about the lives and the struggles of their ancestors. Nevertheless, this exhibition also impart important knowledge by creating a greater understanding in education reforms as well as debunking ultra-racists and religious extremists propagandas in order to foster the culture of Malaysia for Malaysians as a country of great diversity and as a role-model of the world today.
The exhibition has been extended to the 8th of February 2015.
Text by Yeo Kien Kiong